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Gotham Synchro

Synchronized swimming is a performance sport similar ice skating or ballroom dance which is performed in deep water. A swimmer learns basic swimming strokes, kicks, and stunts that are choreographed into routines that may be performed in front of judges or an audience. 

With practice swimmers of all ages develop skill, flexibility, strength and endurance that will allow them to move through the water with ease, confidence, strength and grace. 

The coaches who work with Gotham Synchro are active swimmers who enjoy swimming and seek to introduce adults and children to the fun and challenging sport of synchronized swimming. Whether a swimmer chooses to take lessons, compete or participate in show productions, the goal Gotham Synchro is to foster an attitude that sport serves a positive role in a person's life.

The prerequisites to take our beginner class are:

  • the ability to swim 15 yards without stopping,
  • comfort in deep water and underwater

 prior synchronized swim experience are grouped with other swimmers of similiar skill level. Swimmers interested in the competitive team must be evaluated before joining the program. Swimmers are asked to perform a variety of land and water exercises in order to determine eligibility and placement on the competitive team. Swimmers do not need to have prior synchronized swim experience in order to try out for the competitive team. However, they do need to be strong swimmers, and demonstrate strength, flexibility, coordination, the ability to take direction and ability to learn new skills. 

All swimmers will work on their 
fitness, flexibility and teamwork while having fun and expressing creativity. The competitive team focuses on teamwork, discipline, athleticism, and learning the competitive figures and routines necessary for competition. 

The recreational classes practice once a week on for 1 ½ hours. The competitive team practices between 3 - 12 hours per week depending on their location, age and commitment level.

About the Head Coach 

Dale Mohammed (head coach) is a US Synchro Level 4 coach, a Zone Judge, and has been involved synchronized swimming for over 30 years as a choreographer, coach and swimmer.

Contact Information

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at


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